About Blaservations

Blaservations is a portmanteau of ‘observation’ and ‘Blasius’ with a cheeky nod to the more provocative and forward thinking principles of heritage conservation.


Elizabeth Blasius is an American architectural historian (b. July 16, 1982, Troy, Michigan.)

What inspired the original historic preservation/cultural heritage movement is a sense of purpose in retaining what makes communities unique, to save all that is vernacular from the threat of institutional or corporate uniformity. Despite the ongoing attraction to architectural character, it’s been a long time since historic preservation was just about saving old buildings. The spaces that matter to people and memory aren’t ones designed by Mies, Wright or Sullivan, but those made complete by human experience.  Our grandmother’s Permastone-clad rowhouse. The 24-hour diner where we shared a plate of fries with our first love. The midcentury motel where our father spent his first few sleepless nights after crossing the border from Mexico. Perhaps what’s significant and what’s historic shouldn’t be for the academic to decide.

My work encourages people to consider placemaking through existing buildings and communities, and explores the potential for historic preservation to examine more personal stories and bring them into the practice.

My work seeks to build trust and collaboration between agencies that protect historic resources and the public. I develop innovative solutions that discourage gatekeeping and allow room for those that have stock in cultural resources to realistically manage development.

My work strives to kick the doors wide open for underrepresented aspects of heritage, built and cultural.

I have had the pleasure of working with a number of clients in the public and private sector. For more information on the services I offer or my current curriculum vitae, please contact:



social: @blaservations






One thought on “About Blaservations”

  1. Woohoo! I just read your article on Chicago vernacular architecture, a link from which I found your blog. My unusual job has left me with free days in various cities, doing my favorite thing: walking around cities enjoying the architecture. Chicago is one of these places. I can’t wait to look through your blog. Thanks from a self educating architecture nerd!

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